Tax Services

Blue Bear Tax Solutions provides tax services that include the resolution of problems, tax planning and preparation. My team and I prepare individual and business income tax returns, proposals and extensions. As an experienced tax agent, I can help with all aspects of the process including tax filing, audit representation, the resolution of foreign tax penalties and relief from penalties. My experience is extensive.

Tax Problem Resolution

Relief of Penalties

Resolve Sales & Use Tax Issues

Resolve Employment Tax Issues

Resolve Foreign Tax Issues

Audit representation (Defense)

Tax Appeals More info here

1099-(C)(A) Cancellation of Debt

Tax Attorney more info here

Tax Planning and Preparation

W2 & 1099 Preparation

Tax return preparation (current and past)

501(c)3 Creation

706 Estate Tax Returns

1041 Trust and Estate Tax Returns

Foreign Income Tax Credit

Foreign Income Exclusion

Foreign Income Housing Exclusion

Fast refunds available

Business Solutions

Blue Bear Tax business solutions is a selection of comprehensive services designed to help you make the most of your business, from managing the details of your day-to-day operations to planning for the long term. We can help with all those important matters that are critical for running a successful enterprise today and in the future—providing expertise, counsel and assistance in areas such as accounting systems, employee benefit plans, insurance planning, sales tax advice and payroll systems consultation.

Business Consulting – Mentoring – Coaching

Bookkeeping and Recreation of books and records, general cleanup

Setup accounting systems

Regulators (EPA, OSHA, Dept. of Labor), Compliance Service More info here

Set up Business (LLC, Partnerships & Corporations)

Set up for Non-Profits

Employee Benefits (Health/Life/Disability) (partnership)

Set up Internal Controls (Write Policy) More info here


Public Notary Available

Se Habla Español

Human Resources (partnership) More info here

Payroll (partnership) More info here

Insurance (Health/Life/Disability/Workman’s Comp/Liability)(partnership)

IT & Network Security Solutions (partnership) More info here

Website Builder (partnership) ?

Quickbooks Advisor

Business Investment More info here

Sales Tax More info here

Forcasting Future Revenue

Marketing More info here


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